Find us at:

Village Market

108 Old Ridgefield Road

Wilton CT 06897

Juice Bar Hours

Open Seven Days a Week

Mon-Sat  7:30 am - 6:00 pm

Sunday 11:00 am - 5:00 pm

Business Opportunities

Retail Opportunities  

JuiceJoy provides an essentially turn key operation with a stand or kiosk that can easily fit into your market. We provide all the necessary components to deliver a fresh juice or juice blend product to the consumer or customer. Most importantly a trained JuiceJoy staff member will be present to serve customers during all hours of operation. Educating customers on the nutritional values of our juice combinations and how it translates to their individual needs is key. We will also support our efforts with sophisticated marketing via social media and events, which will include your establishment.

Corporate Health and Wellness

JuiceJoy is committed to promoting health and wellness in the corporate setting. To achieve this goal our Corporate Program is multifaceted including Group and Individual Educational Programs and Support. JuiceJoy provides Lunch and Learn Programs, Webinars, Health Counseling and a Tailored Cleanse Program. The Cleanse Program utilizes organic, local and sustainable ingredients. Our mission is to empower the individual to live a healthy balanced productive life.