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Village Market

108 Old Ridgefield Road

Wilton CT 06897

Experience JuiceJoy  

Imagine your customers having access to raw organic vegetable and fruit juice made fresh daily.  In the confusing and competitive environment of healthy eating there are many imposters.  JuiceJoy is not an imposter.  Juicing has become a growing trend and for good reason.  When prepared fresh with good basic ingredients, juicing can provide the additional boost of vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants necessary to reach a so-called tipping point.  That point comes when a person goes beyond their daily quota of fruits and vegetables and receives the medicinal benefits that these ingredients can offer. This can happen easily by incorporating a green juice into your day.What better place to do this than at your local market where your customers are visiting routinely.  Adding this feature to your market will not only enhance the customer experience (similar to offering coffee to shoppers) but will also convert your customers into juice lovers potentially bringing them in daily.   

What We Do

JuiceJoy provides an essentially turn key operation with a stand or kiosk that can easily fit into your market.  We provide the refrigeration unit with prep space, juicers, signage, menus and most importantly an individual who has been educated and trained to interact with your customers. Educating customers on the nutritional values of our juice combinations and how it translates to their individual needs is key.We will also support our efforts with sophisticated marketing via social media and events, which will include your establishment.  If your market is already purchasing organic produce JuiceJoy would be happy to source produce directly from you.